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Now Is the Time to Get a Breeze Card – Breeze Is the Only Way to Pay

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Reduced Breeze Card Cost – The cost of a Breeze Card will be reduced from $5.00 to $2.00. The two free trips will no longer be on the card and you will still need to add additional fare to the new card at the time of purchase.

Breeze Tickets no longer being sold at MARTA Ride Stores or Breeze Vending Machines

MARTA will continue to distribute Breeze Tickets through Group Sales Programs, K-12 Program and during special events.

Tickets will continue to be accepted as valid fare media on Bus and Rail.

Change to Loading Breeze Cards on Buses:  Only Breeze Cards can be reloaded at the bus farebox.  We have made it easier for you to reload in three simple steps:

  1. Tap the Breeze Card on the bus farebox
  2. Insert Cash
  3. Tap Breeze Card once only on the farebox to pay fare and load transfer

Customers no longer need to ask the bus operator for assistance

The Breeze Card is the best option for all customers, and MARTA is offering a number of ways to get one. Cards can be obtained at any MARTA RideStore or Breeze Vending Machines in our 38 rail stations 

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