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Adding Value to Your Breeze Card is easy:

       At the Breeze Vending Machine

  1. Select “Reload Card” from the display menu.
  2. Tap your Breeze Card on the round, blue Breeze target.
  3. Select the value you would like to put on your card by pressing the button on the menu screen.
  4. Insert your payment into the slot – cash, coins or credit/debit card.
  5. Tap your Breeze Card on the blue target a second time to load the value onto your card.

* Click here for Breeze Vending Machine orientation for the visually impaired.

       ...or the Breeze Bus Fare Box

  1. Tap Breeze Card on the bus farebox
  2. Insert cash (bills and/or coins),
  3. Tap your card again to load the value and transfer

NOTE: The Bus Fare Box can only load cash value. No trips or passes.

       Using your Breeze Card is easy!

  1. Tap your Breeze Card on the round, blue Breeze target located on the station entry gate or bus fare box.
  2. The reader will let you know your card has been accepted and flash your remaining balance on the screen.
  3. Breeze will open the entry gate for you or signal the bus driver that you have paid.
  4. To receive your transfers, tap your card on the Breeze “target” as you exit a rail station. (This step is not necessary on buses.)

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